WordCamp Europe 2023

WordCamp Europe 2023 started with a bang! The presenters Jose Ramon and Evangelina Pappa introduced the sponsors and presentations.
Here is a summary of the topics.
Track 1 | WordPress Performance Community Perspectives
Miriam Schwab | Thierry Nuller | Adam Silverstein | Rahul Bansal
Track 2 | Test instead of guessing to generate more leads |
Viola Gruner
Track 3 | 10 Things All WebPress Hosts Should Avoid | David Artiste
Workshop 1 International Appeal Making Your Themes and Plugins Translatable | Carrie Dils
Workshop 2 Developing WordPress Blocks using plain JavaScript | Jonathan Bossenger
Track 1 WordPress Performance: Community Perspectives
Miriam | Static with Stratic was acquired by Elementor. She is the former CEO. Her goal is to make sites much more scaleable and performance based. She is a product developer. If a product is slow, users will not want to use it. User experience is important. Speed performance is of more importance, in that users must rely on speed to access the experience itself.
Thierry | Adam | Rahul
They formed a sustainability group on contributor day.
Afshana Diya
CMO at WordPress Developer
Community Deputy at WP
Organizer for WP Europe 2022, Asia 2023 and Dhaka 2019
She has travelled to 27 countries and attended WordCamps in 3 continents.
AI, WIX, and Shopify have dramatically improved their performance this year.
WP Admin
Algorithm changes and SEO complexity
Build your team for the new world.
Product Led Growth
Leverage influencer marketing
Let’s talk about WordPress Marketing.
  1. Understand Your Users First
  2. Target your actual target audience
  3. Analyze customer behavior
  4. Track customer journeys
  5. Leverage customer feedback
  6. Stay updated on industry trends
  7. Embrace innovation, surpass their features and do better.
  8. Use NPS & Reviews: Measure Customer satisfaction
  9. Prioritize Video, Webinar & Live Streaming
  10. Setup pixel from the start & leverage a retargeting campaign.
  11. Make the most out of content marketing.
  12. Publish resourceful content, keep updating the existing one and build a guide for your users.
  13. Leverage a Influencer Marketing WooCommerce Plugin.
  14. Sponsor, Contribute or Attend WordCamp & Community Events.
Take a stand for a better future through sustainable & ethical Marketing.
Key Brand Values
  1. Understand your audience well.
  2. Build a passionate & dynamic team.
  3. Create a really great product.
  4. Adapt technology, use tools & make the most out of it
  5. Stay updated about tech.
  6. Market it in a sustainable way and do it ethically.
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Graceful Arts Gallery


Graceful Arts Gallery artwork display
Graceful Arts Gallery artwork display

A reception was held April 7, 2023 at the Graceful Arts Gallery (https://www.gracefulartsgallery.com) in Alva, Oklahoma. Artwork is on display and for sale during the month of April and May. This artwork can also be ordered on my website at https://www.valmedia.net/illustrations-for-sale and https://www.valmedia.net/paintings-for-sale

You can view newspaper articles about each artist here, https://www.alvareviewcourier.com/story/2023/04/09/local/a-change-in-career-path-brings-blackburn-to-the-art-world/82353.html and https://www.alvareviewcourier.com/story/2023/04/09/local/from-skin-to-canvas-seigart-has-spent-her-life-creating-art/82354.html

You can view a video of the artist interviews here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G-o34MYId0&t=7s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5qlRfLBq8c.

Oklahoma State Publishing Museum painting, Train Depot painting
Oklahoma State Publishing Museum painting, Train Depot painting
Modern print Illustrations, Acrylic painting, Ink Stippling and Eiffel Tower Photograph







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Build a portfolio or project to get you hired

This event held on January 22nd, was a repeat for me. The event was again held at Clevyr, https://clevyr.com, a company I do admire and have applied to before. The event had a Chinese New Year theme and I brought the usual green tea to share.

A panel of advisors was available to answer questions related to the topic of ‘Build a portfolio or project to get you hired.’ Questions such as ‘ What are the key considerations for building a portfolio or project that will stand out to potential employers? ‘ and ‘ How can you effectively showcase the skills you have gained with your portfolio or project to demonstrate your particular role at a company? ‘ Answers were given with audience participation. What an informative panel of web design development enthusiasts!

That’s when I realized I have already coded projects such as these. Look at the coding I did with this GitHub spring integration!


I had an original idea of building a health application to track and organize food choices and nutrition. This was part of an online application development course. The spring development was integrated with this project to show coding ability.

Later on, I decided to add a code version of my résume to GitHub.


This allowed for faster updates and again proves coding ability.

After a certain number of interviews to development positions with no final offer, I decided the missing component was a javascript framework. I signed up for an OKC Coders course, React-GraphQL-Redwood.js.


I had worked and studied javascript frameworks before, such as twitter bootstrap. Yet, thought having a formal education and certificate would further prove my capabilities to the development community. In addition, I completed the ‘ Front End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4,’ course on Coursera.

The event helped me realize I had much earlier examples of application and front end web development in my portfolio as well. Such as, a social application with a large database that was built to sell monthly memberships to OKC consumers, and a large corporate application redesign project. Certifications such as these have been completed.

  1. Google Analytics for Power Users
  2. Google Foundations in User Experience (UX) Design
  3. Front End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4
  4. SEO for Beginners’ with Yoast Academy for WordPress
  5. Fit to Learn: IT Design Thinking,’ MyInnerGenius, IBM SkillsBuild
  6. API Design and Fundamentals on Apigee, Google Cloud Skills Boost

WordPress Theme Design and Development

Continuing my education in August with ‘ WordPress, Let’s Code Common API Variables,’ I learned about reusable blocks within the Gutenberg editor of WordPress version 6.3. https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/reusable-blocks/

Synced Patterns (Reusable Blocks)

The main image shown is the original theme I came up with as a simple design. After a day or two of rewriting and validating code, I found the Nice Page editor and decided to give that a try. The about page shown is a sample of what a more detailed view of the web page will look like when the theme is complete.

Bossenger, Jonathan. (2023, Aug 10). ‘ WordPress, Let’s Code Common API Variables.’  | APA. Sourced Sept 02, 2023 from https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/reusable-blocks/

July continuing education events

These events were awe inspiring to witness during the month. Here is a brief summary of each. A full time job search, applying and interviewing for jobs, has remained my top priority.
Reviewing Gutenberg features | July 6th
Ryan talked about all of the features released with Gutenberg versions 15.7 – 16.1. Developers with experience in Modern JavaScript and React.js concepts and Custom Block Development with an Intermediate or Advanced level were the target audience.
Demystifying the Navigation | July 12
Bud Kraus discussed ‘ Where can you use a Navigation Block?, ‘ with details about the difference between Classic Themes and Block Themes and when to use them. 
Styling Blocks | July 26
Nick summarizes styling blocks. How to modify theme .json data using server side filters. When using a WordPress theme that includes a theme.json file, there are four layers (origins) of theme.json data that contribute to the overall configuration:
  • default – Data that includes default settings and styles that come with WordPress.

  • block – Data that comes from blocks.

  • theme – Data that comes from the theme.

  • custom  – Data that is user-generated from Global Styles. Whenever you change a color, font, block style, etc., in the Site Editor, these are stored as custom (user) data.

WordPress 6.1 introduced four server-side filters that let you modify these different layers of theme.json data:

    • wp_theme_json_data_default – Hooks into default data provided by WordPress.

    • wp_theme_json_data_blocks – Hooks into data provided by blocks.

    • wp_theme_json_data_theme – Hooks into data provided by the theme.

    • wp_theme_json_data_user – Hooks into data provided by the user (custom).



Generative AI  | July 27
The future of AI is upon us. This introduction with Laura on Generative AI was very informative. The steps on building an application were easy to understand. The only challenge I had was in finding the generate.js file when installing node. 
If you are needing a small business website, or are a larger company needing a redesign, I can help you build and maintain a website. For services in design and development, or referrals for professional positions, contact me at https://www.valmedia.net/contact.
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WordCamp Europe Day 2

Day 2 of WordCamp Europe had a Q&A session with Josepha, Matias and Matt. 

Q1 | The discussion included Open Collective and what can be done as a community to make donations more consistent. Or, what can be done to sponsor more WordPress contributors at a WordCamp event.
Q2| What should we expect with AI and Gutenberg integration? 
JetPack AI just launched. You can now ask Chat GPT to write plug-ins. The two mega trends are going to be open source and AI.
Q3 | When will we be able to use multilingual in the Gutenberg editor or project?

Phase 3 is starting and should be ready in another year.


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It’s contributor day and we have all been preparing with projects. In Make WordPress Core we each chose a project to test (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/).

Then we were assigned tutorials to improve with testing and editing. Two of the tutorials my team helped with are ‘How to build a WP Theme’ (Learn.Wordpress.org/course/develop-your-first-low-code-block-theme) and ‘Developing for Multisite’ (https://github-production-user-asset-6210df.s3.amazonaws.com/180629/241255057-e3229c9f-872a-4775-b97d-27c292de11c9.mp4).

How to Build Your First Low Code Block Theme

  1. The first step was to create a subdomain.
  2. The second step was to clone an install with WordPress Staging.
  3. The third step was to add the Front Page template with the second block selected and block edits. 

Then we were asked to answer testing questions, such as, ‘Did it work using a screen reader?’ and ‘Did the saving experience work properly?’


Developing for Multisite

My suggestion was to redesign as a step-by-step instructional design format for this lesson. When the information is in-depth, that may provide the learner with greater detail. If the goal is a summary, then the video is adequate.

Updates are posted on these slack channels.

#wceu-volunteer #fse-outreach-project

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200OK Developer Conference

Introductions: Maxx Crawford, Sponsor Holberton guest

Emily Harden, Executive Director Techlahoma introduced the first speaker.

Preventing Diagnosing & Curing Bad Data

Presenter: Shailvi Wakhlu
Data Quality
What is bad data? Inaccurate Incomplete or misleading data that leads to biased decisions.
These are the companies she has worked with:
Phases of bad data
  • Definition
  • Logging
  • Transforming
  • Analyzing
  • Sharing
Bad data logging phase. Incorrect incomplete tracking. Faulty pipeline. Inconsistent timeframes.
Bad data during “transforming” phase
Un intuitive rules
Meaningful aggregations
Logical errors
Bad data during Analyzing phase
When you think of a problem you think of solving it in a certain way.
Ambiguous problem definition
Inapplicable model forumlae
Biased algorithm
State machines for your mental state

Presenter: Jenny Truong

Parallel States The different choices are weighted choices.
History State A reminder to return our train of thought to where it was when we began.
Final State Surrounding border that reminds us that this is the end.
There are five states of burnout.
  • Honeymoon
  • onsetOfStress
  • chronicStress
  • burnout
  • habitualBurnout
Recovery framework
Mental Distance
Reset your expectations.  Because without us even knowing it we set rule books for others and ourselves.
Reset priorities and include making ourselves as a priority, or else we get compassion fatigue.
Build and invest in yourself. Speak kindly. Be patient and compassionate.
7 types of rest
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Creative
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Sensory

Communication and Collaboration. Think in terms of states and transitions, so you can choose with state you’d like to be in.

A Non-Technical Introduction to Domain Driven Design
Presenter: Ed Schaefer, Holberton Guest
We have the tools and knowledge to work with as developers. Such as certain software applications or methods.  How do we manage the work online mindset?
  • XP, TDD, Code Quality
  • Product Ownership Customer value, priorities, customer needs
  • DevOps Pipelines, culture, Systems thinking
Domain Driven Design 
Domain Driven Design is an approach to the development of software in which we focus on the core domain. We explore using models. Ubiquitous language.
  • Understanding context
  • Domain knowledge
  • Argue with examples
  • Words used by stakeholders
  • Fuzzy
No context
Having context isn’t always enough. If a boss or co-worker wants you to edit something. It isn’t always that clear. There are multiple ways to edit, and multiple areas of the page to edit.
Sales context vs. Support context
Domain eCommerce
  • Subdomain Payment
  • Subdomain Customer
  • Subdomain Shipping
  • Subdomain Offer
How to group concepts? Shape domains, color domains, other possible domains
What are models and how do we use them?
Models and context
All models are wrong, but some are useful. — Quote from a British statician
Develop and use ubiquitous language.
Why do semantics matter?
Language and intent
 In summary,  this conference offered a more non-technical approach to development subjects. The lightning talks had a more technical approach..
Lightning Talks
Zach Mays, head of engineering at Gitwit. He is thinking about what is going to happen to us in software development. His first training was with CoPilot. He found it underwhelming and not helpful. He was trying to type on an interface with it. He is teaching the OKC Coders bootcamp. A fizzbuzz exercise is to write a function that returns a positive integer.  His goal was to write a beginner fizzbuzz for his favorite coffee shop with plain JavaScript. 
Hash Range Queries
For simple privacy-preserving data-sharing
Luke, who works at Blank, heard about this technique from Cloudflare and Haveiphone. He is looking for a server to check for a password but not allow the server to know who the users are, or what their passwords are. How can a client check a single record from a server without revealing the record to the server? He wants to create a hash that checks for the hash of the password. Rainbow tables exist that are big lists of hashes. The hard way is private intersection that uses advanced cryptography. A new technique is k anonymity that will generalize the data to group records into ranges of hashes. 
Skill Transfer as a Learning Model
Erich Keil
What skills do I already have that I can apply to a new field?
A recent experience for me was to enroll in an Auto Cad course to transition my skills to Architectural design. A commitment to another degree program would require solid network connections with a work study or job shadow opportunity. That is why I’m here, with all the developers. Back in the industry I originally chose as a source of continuing education and advancement. — Valerie Blackburn
Look for connections between what you already know and the new skill obtained. 
Imposter Syndrome

Grace Fallen Fallin

Volunteering yourself and putting in more hours than required as a software developer.

How to address it? Pair programming is a way to learn together from your mistakes. 

Show your process.

Show your failures. 

Discuss salary. Be transparent with your expectations. 

Journey of the Dragon

Brian Rigsby 

He built a website to play a game called Fight the Dragon. 





Competence is Overrated

Amy Norris, A graphic designer, turned software developer, that works at Dimensional Innovations.  

Amy gives advice for how to find a job and communicate about code.

People love to feel smart. 

Everyone is your teacher.

Lower your standards.

One problem at a time.

Get a mentor.

Surround yourself with people who expect you to better than you are.

Have a failure mindset. Thirty Fifteen Fail. Thirty minutes on a project. If you are stuck for fifteen minutes, start on another project.

Amy worked with Lego on a game ramp project.  

To view the live video of this conference. https://200ok.us/.


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Lightning Talks

Mays, Zach. (2023, May 12). Lightning Talk | APA. 200OK Developers Conference. Sourced May 12, 2023, from https://200ok.us/.

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Hoegg Software

InTulsa Talent

McNellies Group


Adobe Summit Day One

Shantanu Narayen

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Adobe

Opening Keynote Speakers

Anil Chakravarthy

President, Digital Experience, Adobe

David Wadhwani

President, Digital Media, Adobe

Dave Ricks

Chief Executive Officer, Eli Lilly and Company

Marcus East

Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officer, T-Mobile

Susan Somersille Johnson

CMO, Prudential Financial

OKC Lightning Talks

 Lightning Talks ⚡️ at Clevyr!

Today’s lightning talk (a 5-10 minute talk about anything that the speaker finds interesting) ranged from business projects, personal projects, data science and a poetry slam. It’s a great way for the attendees (and speakers) to learn new things.

The speakers today and their descriptions are listed here.

Michelle Tabor
Michelle Tabor is a seasoned technology executive with a deep understanding of HubSpot architecture and a track record of delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth. As Vice President of HubSpot Architecture at BridgeRev,  Michelle is responsible for leading a team of engineers and developers to create cutting-edge marketing automation and sales enablement solutions for clients. Her expertise in building scalable, data-driven platforms has made her a trusted advisor to businesses across a wide range of industries. Michelle is a frequent speaker for Techlahoma user groups, sharing her insights and experience with the Oklahoma developer community.

Tabby Douglass
Tabby Douglass is a software engineer with six years of experience in the tech industry. She has worked for top companies in OKC, such as Tailwind and most recently, Clevyr. With a PhD in History, Tabby brings a unique perspective to her work that allows her to understand both technology and the humanities. In addition, she is an active member of the Techlahoma community and enjoys sharing her insights and knowledge with others. Tabby recently appeared on the “Musing with an ADD Mind” podcast, discussing her career in software engineering and her experiences working with ADHD.

Snigdha Alathur
Snigdha Alathur is a highly skilled Lead in Data Engineering, BI, and Data Science at SpringPoint Technologies. With years of experience under her belt, Snigdha has a deep understanding of the complexities of data-driven solutions and has developed innovative approaches to managing and analyzing data. She has a track record of delivering exceptional results to her clients and is well-respected in the industry for her technical expertise and leadership. Snigdha is an active member of Techlahoma and SheCodesOKC, sharing her insights and experience on data engineering, BI, and data science with the local tech community.

Valerie Blackburn
Valerie Blackburn is a highly skilled designer and developer known for her results-driven approach, with a knack for creating engaging online content and delivering exceptional design solutions that seamlessly integrate art, technology, and industry standards. As the founder of Valmedia, Valerie has honed her expertise in various domains such as graphic design, marketing, UIUX design, and web development. Some of her proudest achievements include spearheading the redesign of a sales application for a Fortune 500 retailer and leading the revamp of the main product application as a UIUX Designer. Valerie is also well-versed in designing and developing responsive websites and applications tailored to meet the unique needs of various business clients.

For a link to my presentation (Code Poetry in Motion), click here. https://simplebooklet.com/ISpss2jxdyGKjS0ZYJLxHr.

For links to the projects in this presention, click here.

Slide 1 Code Poetry

Slide 2 We Code 

Client project

Slide 3 We React

https://www.okccoders.com, Foundations of UX Design, Google Analytics for Power UsersIBM Skills Build

Slide 4 We Blog

Valmedia blog

Slide 5 We Educate

SVG website

Slide 6 Summary 

Valmedia website