WordPress Theme Design and Development

Continuing my education in August with ‘ WordPress, Let’s Code Common API Variables,’ I learned about reusable blocks within the Gutenberg editor of WordPress version 6.3. https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/reusable-blocks/ Synced Patterns (Reusable Blocks) The main image shown is the original theme I came up with as a simple design. After a day or two of rewriting andContinue reading “WordPress Theme Design and Development”

Build a portfolio or project to get you hired

This event held on January 22nd, was a repeat for me. The event was again held at Clevyr, https://clevyr.com, a company I do admire and have applied to before. The event had a Chinese New Year theme and I brought the usual green tea to share. A panel of advisors was available to answer questionsContinue reading “Build a portfolio or project to get you hired”

Adobe Max

When watching the Adobe Max Conference keynote with Shantanu Narayen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Adobe, I became intrigued with the new announcements. Here is the synopsis. Adobe Max. What started out as a small group of designers and developers is now amplifying the power of creativity, art and science. The presentation with DavidContinue reading “Adobe Max”