July continuing education events

These events were awe inspiring to witness during the month. Here is a brief summary of each. A full time job search, applying and interviewing for jobs, has remained my top priority. Reviewing Gutenberg features | July 6th Ryan talked about all of the features released with Gutenberg versions 15.7 – 16.1. Developers with experienceContinue reading “July continuing education events”

It’s contributor day and we have all been preparing with projects. In Make WordPress Core we each chose a project to test (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/). Then we were assigned tutorials to improve with testing and editing. Two of the tutorials my team helped with are ‘How to build a WP Theme’ (Learn.Wordpress.org/course/develop-your-first-low-code-block-theme) and ‘Developing for Multisite’ (https://github-production-user-asset-6210df.s3.amazonaws.com/180629/241255057-e3229c9f-872a-4775-b97d-27c292de11c9.mp4).Continue reading