WordPress Theme Design and Development

Continuing my education in August with ‘ WordPress, Let’s Code Common API Variables,’ I learned about reusable blocks within the Gutenberg editor of WordPress version 6.3. https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/reusable-blocks/ Synced Patterns (Reusable Blocks) The main image shown is the original theme I came up with as a simple design. After a day or two of rewriting andContinue reading “WordPress Theme Design and Development”

July continuing education events

These events were awe inspiring to witness during the month. Here is a brief summary of each. A full time job search, applying and interviewing for jobs, has remained my top priority. Reviewing Gutenberg features | July 6th Ryan talked about all of the features released with Gutenberg versions 15.7 – 16.1. Developers with experienceContinue reading “July continuing education events”

WordCamp Europe Day 2

Day 2 of WordCamp Europe had a Q&A session with Josepha, Matias and Matt.  Q1 | The discussion included Open Collective and what can be done as a community to make donations more consistent. Or, what can be done to sponsor more WordPress contributors at a WordCamp event. Q2| What should we expect with AIContinue reading “WordCamp Europe Day 2”

WordCamp Europe 2023

WordCamp Europe 2023 started with a bang! The presenters Jose Ramon and Evangelina Pappa introduced the sponsors and presentations. Here is a summary of the topics. Track 1 | WordPress Performance Community Perspectives Miriam Schwab | Thierry Nuller | Adam Silverstein | Rahul Bansal Track 2 | Test instead of guessing to generate more leadsContinue reading “WordCamp Europe 2023”

It’s contributor day and we have all been preparing with projects. In Make WordPress Core we each chose a project to test (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/). Then we were assigned tutorials to improve with testing and editing. Two of the tutorials my team helped with are ‘How to build a WP Theme’ (Learn.Wordpress.org/course/develop-your-first-low-code-block-theme) and ‘Developing for Multisite’ (https://github-production-user-asset-6210df.s3.amazonaws.com/180629/241255057-e3229c9f-872a-4775-b97d-27c292de11c9.mp4).Continue reading

200OK Developer Conference

Introductions: Maxx Crawford, Sponsor Holberton guest Emily Harden, Executive Director Techlahoma introduced the first speaker. Preventing Diagnosing & Curing Bad Data Presenter: Shailvi Wakhlu Data Quality What is bad data? Inaccurate Incomplete or misleading data that leads to biased decisions. These are the companies she has worked with: Strava Komodo Salesforce Fitbit Phases of badContinue reading “200OK Developer Conference”

Graceful Arts Gallery

  A reception was held April 7, 2023 at the Graceful Arts Gallery (https://www.gracefulartsgallery.com) in Alva, Oklahoma. Artwork is on display and for sale during the month of April and May. This artwork can also be ordered on my website at https://www.valmedia.net/illustrations-for-sale and https://www.valmedia.net/paintings-for-sale.  You can view newspaper articles about each artist here, https://www.alvareviewcourier.com/story/2023/04/09/local/a-change-in-career-path-brings-blackburn-to-the-art-world/82353.html and https://www.alvareviewcourier.com/story/2023/04/09/local/from-skin-to-canvas-seigart-has-spent-her-life-creating-art/82354.htmlContinue reading “Graceful Arts Gallery”

OKC Lightning Talks

 Lightning Talks ⚡️ at Clevyr! Today’s lightning talk (a 5-10 minute talk about anything that the speaker finds interesting) ranged from business projects, personal projects, data science and a poetry slam. It’s a great way for the attendees (and speakers) to learn new things. The speakers today and their descriptions are listed here. Michelle TaborContinue reading “OKC Lightning Talks”