API design

When viewing ‘How to Code API’s in WordPress,’  I wanted to find a way to provide a realistic solution within the food service industry.  How could technology, userInterface | userExperience Design and development aid the industry? https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/reusable-blocks/ How to automate the produce restocking process. The production of an application that would store the amounts ofContinue reading “API design”

WordPress Theme Design and Development

Continuing my education in August with ‘ WordPress, Let’s Code Common API Variables,’ I learned about reusable blocks within the Gutenberg editor of WordPress version 6.3. https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/reusable-blocks/ Synced Patterns (Reusable Blocks) The main image shown is the original theme I came up with as a simple design. After a day or two of rewriting andContinue reading “WordPress Theme Design and Development”

July continuing education events

These events were awe inspiring to witness during the month. Here is a brief summary of each. A full time job search, applying and interviewing for jobs, has remained my top priority. Reviewing Gutenberg features | July 6th Ryan talked about all of the features released with Gutenberg versions 15.7 – 16.1. Developers with experienceContinue reading “July continuing education events”