API design

Produce application prototype
When viewing ‘How to Code API’s in WordPress,’  I wanted to find a way to provide a realistic solution within the food service industry.  How could technology, userInterface | userExperience Design and development aid the industry?
How to automate the produce restocking process. The production of an application that would store the amounts of produce to restock and keep temporary inventory of the amounts could provide a solution.  As the manual process of writing on a notepad could potentially slow down workflow.
One suggestion was to try postman as an API template to formulate code for API.
These steps were followed to produce a prototype in proto.io.
  1. Created file app.js
  2. Created repository on GitHub produceinventory as a private project.
  3. Created UIUX prototype of produce inventory application.
  4. Proto.io is in the center of the canvas.
This software was simple and fun to use as a source to design a fully functional prototype.


Bossenger Jonathan. (2023, Nov 16). How to Code API’s in WordPress | APA. Sourced November 21, 2023 from https://wordpress.tv/2023/11/18/new-wordpress-developer-apis-the-html-api

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