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Green Tea Wordpress Theme

Continuing my education in August with ‘ WordPress, Let’s Code Common API Variables,’ I learned about reusable blocks within the Gutenberg editor of WordPress version 6.3. https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/reusable-blocks/

Synced Patterns (Reusable Blocks)

The main image shown is the original theme I came up with as a simple design. After a day or two of rewriting and validating code, I found the Nice Page editor and decided to give that a try. The about page shown is a sample of what a more detailed view of the web page will look like when the theme is complete.

Bossenger, Jonathan. (2023, Aug 10). ‘ WordPress, Let’s Code Common API Variables.’  | APA. Sourced Sept 02, 2023 from https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/reusable-blocks/

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