It’s contributor day and we have all been preparing with projects. In Make WordPress Core we each chose a project to test (

Then we were assigned tutorials to improve with testing and editing. Two of the tutorials my team helped with are ‘How to build a WP Theme’ ( and ‘Developing for Multisite’ (

How to Build Your First Low Code Block Theme

  1. The first step was to create a subdomain.
  2. The second step was to clone an install with WordPress Staging.
  3. The third step was to add the Front Page template with the second block selected and block edits. 

Then we were asked to answer testing questions, such as, ‘Did it work using a screen reader?’ and ‘Did the saving experience work properly?’


Developing for Multisite

My suggestion was to redesign as a step-by-step instructional design format for this lesson. When the information is in-depth, that may provide the learner with greater detail. If the goal is a summary, then the video is adequate.

Updates are posted on these slack channels.

#wceu-volunteer #fse-outreach-project

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