200OK Developer Conference

Introductions: Maxx Crawford, Sponsor Holberton guest

Emily Harden, Executive Director Techlahoma introduced the first speaker.

Preventing Diagnosing & Curing Bad Data

Presenter: Shailvi Wakhlu
Data Quality
What is bad data? Inaccurate Incomplete or misleading data that leads to biased decisions.
These are the companies she has worked with:
Phases of bad data
  • Definition
  • Logging
  • Transforming
  • Analyzing
  • Sharing
Bad data logging phase. Incorrect incomplete tracking. Faulty pipeline. Inconsistent timeframes.
Bad data during “transforming” phase
Un intuitive rules
Meaningful aggregations
Logical errors
Bad data during Analyzing phase
When you think of a problem you think of solving it in a certain way.
Ambiguous problem definition
Inapplicable model forumlae
Biased algorithm
State machines for your mental state

Presenter: Jenny Truong

Parallel States The different choices are weighted choices.
History State A reminder to return our train of thought to where it was when we began.
Final State Surrounding border that reminds us that this is the end.
There are five states of burnout.
  • Honeymoon
  • onsetOfStress
  • chronicStress
  • burnout
  • habitualBurnout
Recovery framework
Mental Distance
Reset your expectations.  Because without us even knowing it we set rule books for others and ourselves.
Reset priorities and include making ourselves as a priority, or else we get compassion fatigue.
Build and invest in yourself. Speak kindly. Be patient and compassionate.
7 types of rest
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Creative
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Sensory

Communication and Collaboration. Think in terms of states and transitions, so you can choose with state you’d like to be in.

A Non-Technical Introduction to Domain Driven Design
Presenter: Ed Schaefer, Holberton Guest
We have the tools and knowledge to work with as developers. Such as certain software applications or methods.  How do we manage the work online mindset?
  • XP, TDD, Code Quality
  • Product Ownership Customer value, priorities, customer needs
  • DevOps Pipelines, culture, Systems thinking
Domain Driven Design 
Domain Driven Design is an approach to the development of software in which we focus on the core domain. We explore using models. Ubiquitous language.
  • Understanding context
  • Domain knowledge
  • Argue with examples
  • Words used by stakeholders
  • Fuzzy
No context
Having context isn’t always enough. If a boss or co-worker wants you to edit something. It isn’t always that clear. There are multiple ways to edit, and multiple areas of the page to edit.
Sales context vs. Support context
Domain eCommerce
  • Subdomain Payment
  • Subdomain Customer
  • Subdomain Shipping
  • Subdomain Offer
How to group concepts? Shape domains, color domains, other possible domains
What are models and how do we use them?
Models and context
All models are wrong, but some are useful. — Quote from a British statician
Develop and use ubiquitous language.
Why do semantics matter?
Language and intent
 In summary,  this conference offered a more non-technical approach to development subjects. The lightning talks had a more technical approach..
Lightning Talks
Zach Mays, head of engineering at Gitwit. He is thinking about what is going to happen to us in software development. His first training was with CoPilot. He found it underwhelming and not helpful. He was trying to type on an interface with it. He is teaching the OKC Coders bootcamp. A fizzbuzz exercise is to write a function that returns a positive integer.  His goal was to write a beginner fizzbuzz for his favorite coffee shop with plain JavaScript. 
Hash Range Queries
For simple privacy-preserving data-sharing
Luke, who works at Blank, heard about this technique from Cloudflare and Haveiphone. He is looking for a server to check for a password but not allow the server to know who the users are, or what their passwords are. How can a client check a single record from a server without revealing the record to the server? He wants to create a hash that checks for the hash of the password. Rainbow tables exist that are big lists of hashes. The hard way is private intersection that uses advanced cryptography. A new technique is k anonymity that will generalize the data to group records into ranges of hashes. 
Skill Transfer as a Learning Model
Erich Keil
What skills do I already have that I can apply to a new field?
A recent experience for me was to enroll in an Auto Cad course to transition my skills to Architectural design. A commitment to another degree program would require solid network connections with a work study or job shadow opportunity. That is why I’m here, with all the developers. Back in the industry I originally chose as a source of continuing education and advancement. — Valerie Blackburn
Look for connections between what you already know and the new skill obtained. 
Imposter Syndrome

Grace Fallen Fallin

Volunteering yourself and putting in more hours than required as a software developer.

How to address it? Pair programming is a way to learn together from your mistakes. 

Show your process.

Show your failures. 

Discuss salary. Be transparent with your expectations. 

Journey of the Dragon

Brian Rigsby 

He built a website to play a game called Fight the Dragon. 





Competence is Overrated

Amy Norris, A graphic designer, turned software developer, that works at Dimensional Innovations.  

Amy gives advice for how to find a job and communicate about code.

People love to feel smart. 

Everyone is your teacher.

Lower your standards.

One problem at a time.

Get a mentor.

Surround yourself with people who expect you to better than you are.

Have a failure mindset. Thirty Fifteen Fail. Thirty minutes on a project. If you are stuck for fifteen minutes, start on another project.

Amy worked with Lego on a game ramp project.  

To view the live video of this conference. https://200ok.us/.


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