OKC Lightning Talks

OKC Lightning Talk

 Lightning Talks ⚡️ at Clevyr!

Today’s lightning talk (a 5-10 minute talk about anything that the speaker finds interesting) ranged from business projects, personal projects, data science and a poetry slam. It’s a great way for the attendees (and speakers) to learn new things.

The speakers today and their descriptions are listed here.

Michelle Tabor
Michelle Tabor is a seasoned technology executive with a deep understanding of HubSpot architecture and a track record of delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth. As Vice President of HubSpot Architecture at BridgeRev,  Michelle is responsible for leading a team of engineers and developers to create cutting-edge marketing automation and sales enablement solutions for clients. Her expertise in building scalable, data-driven platforms has made her a trusted advisor to businesses across a wide range of industries. Michelle is a frequent speaker for Techlahoma user groups, sharing her insights and experience with the Oklahoma developer community.

Tabby Douglass
Tabby Douglass is a software engineer with six years of experience in the tech industry. She has worked for top companies in OKC, such as Tailwind and most recently, Clevyr. With a PhD in History, Tabby brings a unique perspective to her work that allows her to understand both technology and the humanities. In addition, she is an active member of the Techlahoma community and enjoys sharing her insights and knowledge with others. Tabby recently appeared on the “Musing with an ADD Mind” podcast, discussing her career in software engineering and her experiences working with ADHD.

Snigdha Alathur
Snigdha Alathur is a highly skilled Lead in Data Engineering, BI, and Data Science at SpringPoint Technologies. With years of experience under her belt, Snigdha has a deep understanding of the complexities of data-driven solutions and has developed innovative approaches to managing and analyzing data. She has a track record of delivering exceptional results to her clients and is well-respected in the industry for her technical expertise and leadership. Snigdha is an active member of Techlahoma and SheCodesOKC, sharing her insights and experience on data engineering, BI, and data science with the local tech community.

Valerie Blackburn
Valerie Blackburn is a highly skilled designer and developer known for her results-driven approach, with a knack for creating engaging online content and delivering exceptional design solutions that seamlessly integrate art, technology, and industry standards. As the founder of Valmedia, Valerie has honed her expertise in various domains such as graphic design, marketing, UIUX design, and web development. Some of her proudest achievements include spearheading the redesign of a sales application for a Fortune 500 retailer and leading the revamp of the main product application as a UIUX Designer. Valerie is also well-versed in designing and developing responsive websites and applications tailored to meet the unique needs of various business clients.

For a link to my presentation (Code Poetry in Motion), click here. https://simplebooklet.com/ISpss2jxdyGKjS0ZYJLxHr.

For links to the projects in this presention, click here.

Slide 1 Code Poetry

Slide 2 We Code 

Client project

Slide 3 We React

https://www.okccoders.com, Foundations of UX Design, Google Analytics for Power UsersIBM Skills Build

Slide 4 We Blog

Valmedia blog

Slide 5 We Educate

SVG website

Slide 6 Summary 

Valmedia website

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Designer, developer experienced in producing engaging online content and developing the best design solutions consistently utilizing art, technology and industry standards, with the ability to manage multiple projects successfully. Valmedia is a sole proprietorship with experience in campaigns, graphic design, marketing, promotions, sales, social media analysis, UIUX design, web design and web development. Career highlights include: Redesign of a sales application for a Fortune 500 retail company, leading the redesign of the main product application as a UIUX Designer. The design and development of websites and applications that are responsive for business clients.

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